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Great you put in grams as never sure that my cup measurements are accurate (and they werent, quite light in fact)

I left mine in for an extra 5 min. Really yummy slice but so annoying that the instructions were in grams instead of cups.

Easy to make. I had to cook it for another 5 minutes. I also added peppermint essence to the chocolate icing. Delicious!

Amazing...everything a chocolate slice should be. Just had to cook it 12 minutes more, even after following all instructions and right size tin. I liked the softness of it but it was firm enough to be a slice texture.

Delicious!! This is my go to chocolate slice, it’s super easy to make and taste amazing! It’s a family favourite now :)

So chewy and soft the family loves it!!!

Your not supposed to eat raw egg but it does taste good :)

So easy to make and so delicious!
I really do prefer the soft chewy base to the crunchy base I have made previously!

Family fav. Grandies love it. So easy to make

Small recipe, but is amazing. The raw mixture tastes so good :)

I wish you would measure things such as flour and sugar in cups rather than grams. Annoying when I have to go online every time to convert these! Who measures in this way anyway?

Honestly this makes THE BEST chocolate slice EVER! I make this all the time without the desiccated coconut! Its better than a Chocolate Brownie.

So good and moist.

Rises amazingly definitely a keeper

Made it twice now. Love it.

The family loves it!

Favourite easy one pot slice.
Can ice it or just dust with little icing sugar.

The best slice in the world, have to double the recipe every time!


It was so good it melts in my mouth everyone loves it. We all wanted more!!!

great for the kids

Everyone loves this. Perfect! Thanks Chelsea.

Delicious. Will make the rest of my life ;-)

It smells amazing and tastes even better! The icing tops it off. Was very easy to make, can't go wrong really! Recommend to anybody.

Next time I will use less butter as it was quite oily. I also recommend checking it at 15 minutes as mine was a bit rock hard at 20 minutes. Still, it was very tasty and I will definitely make it again.
Try it with caramel icing too - mine was great that way!

This is AMAZING it melted my mouth (literally like if I started heating it up heaps). I recommend this for strong wrestlers like me (John Cena) so make it all day

Mmm looks like Will Smith. TASTY!

This chocolate coconut slice was really good for the kids to learn and it was really nice

it was really nice and my family loved it it is now my favourite slice

I think I went wrong somewhere - lol the slice was wobbly when I pulled it out after 20 minutes.... It might be too thick - I didn't have the right tin. I'Il bake a bit longer and see if that helps...

My Husband thought he had died and gone to heaven!!! Quite a compliment---after 57 years
of cooking for him!!!!. He gave half of them away, so others could think how wonderful they were, ---- I'll make them often now, I guess.

Really good and easy to make. It lasted about two days before we demolished it.

Great after a hearty training on the water! :)


mmmmmm, you can't get anything yummier than this!

Love this recipe, have made it numbers of times now and it always turns out perfectly yummy. Everyone who has tried it enjoys it. Making some now for my neighbours for Christmas. Has become a favourite.

This works every time, and I have had good comments when other people taste it

Loved by all. I also put peppermint essence in the chocolate icing

Have just finished making this it's magic.

Next time I will hide it from my husband. Gone all to quickly!

A family favourite for us now. The kids ask me to make it. So quick and easy and great for the lunch boxes. Tried it with sultanas once, but better as it is.

This was yummy I didn't ice it just sprinkled it with icing sugar

So easy to make. It was moist and so delicious. My son rates it his number one.

YUMMY! Loved by all in the family. Even by a little person who said they didn't like coconut!

Loved it - I put sultanas in the mix as well.... Yummy

Mine didn't turn out quite like yours but my husband just totally loved them.

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Chocolate Coconut Slice Recipe | Chelsea Sugar (2024)


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